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Nick Kominus

Nick Kominus

Nick Kominus joined Dyer in 2005 as the editor of the Dyergram. Prior to that he represented the cane sugar refining industry in Washington for forty-two years. During that period he served on a number of Government advisory committees, testified many times before Congressional committees, and wrote numerous articles on sugar policy. Mr. Kominus has also been actively involved in the management of the Sugar Club, an international sugar forum. He served as the Club's President in 1997/98.

In 1995, he received the Dyer Memorial Award and was named "Sugar Man of the Year." He has also received awards from the National Press Club and the America Association of Agricultural College Editors.

Prior to joining the refiners, he was an editor at the U.S. Department of Agriculture and before that a newspaper reporter.

Mr. Kominus graduated from Kansas State University with a degree in agricultural journalism and did graduate work at American University in communications. He served as an officer in the Marine Corps.

He and his wife Trudy reside in the suburbs of Washington, D.C.

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