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Benjamin Wheeler Dyer Jr.

Benjamin Wheeler Dyer Jr. was born in New York City in 1887. In 1903, when he had just turned 16, he was asked by his recently widowed aunt to take over his late Uncle Henry Ditmar's sugar business.

At the start of his sugar-business career, B.W. recognized the need for a trade organization fostering good business ethics. Thus, H.P. Ditmar's Company became a charter member of the National Sugar Brokers Association in 1903, when the NSBA was founded.

Because of B.W.'s efforts and success, in about 1908 he formally became the managing partner and the name of the firm was changed to Ditmars and Dyer. On July 1, 1912, after B.W. had graciously bought out his aunt's share of the company, the name of Ditmars and Dyer was discontinued and B.W. Dyer & Company was established.

In 1917, at the suggestion of Lamborn & Company Inc., a large sugar brokerage firm, a merger was effected with B.W. Dyer & Company, whereby B.W. Dyer became vice president of Lamborn.

B.W. Dyer & Company was reestablished as an independent firm in 1929 with offices at 82 Wall Street. Three years later the company relocated to nearby premises at 120 Wall Street where it remained for the next forty years. The company later occupied premises of One World Trade Center, where it took up offices in 1972. The company moved to Bernardsville, New Jersey in 1992 and then relocated to its current location in Telluride, Colorado in 2005.

B.W. died of cancer in 1953 at the age of 66. He had two sons, Benjamin Dyer III, born in 1913, and Daniel Lamborn Dyer, Sr., born in 1917. B.W.'s older son, Ben left school to start his sugar business career as an office boy for B.W. Dyer & Company in August 1930.

Ben became a partner of B.W. Dyer & Company in 1936 and a member of the New York Coffee & Sugar Exchange in 1937. From 1939 to 1970, when he retired, Ben served as a floor broker for the firms raw sugar futures customers. Ben passed away in 1983.

Ben's younger son, Dan Dyer, was born in 1917 the year of B.W. Dyer and Co.'s merger with Lamborn and Company. Hence the middle name, which continues to this day in the person of Daniel Lamborn Dyer, Jr. (Chip), present head of the family firm.

Dan Dyer entered the sugar business in 1935, starting as relief office boy during summer vacations from school and then called on the refined sugar trade as a company salesman.

Trading Floor

In 1939 Dan became manager of Dyer's export sugar department. In 1942 he joined the Sugar Branch of the War Production Board in Washington, D.C. While there he was credited with inventing a metal container issued to soldiers for carrying sugar rations.

Dan returned to New York in 1943 to become a partner of B.W. Dyer & Company. Dan was a founding member and past president of the Sugar Club of New York, which has long since become and is still today an institution within the sugar trade community.

On April 1, 1990 Dan Dyer was fatally stricken with a heart attack while playing platform tennis. Dan was 73 years old.

After Dan Dyer's death, his son Chip took over as managing partner of B.W. Dyer & Co., LLC. Chip graduated from Ohio Wesleyan College in 1978. He worked with Irving Trust Company prior to joining the refined sugar department of B.W. Dyer & Company in 1979. He became partner in the company in 1981. Chip was elected a director of the Coffee, Sugar & Cocoa (CSC) Exchange in 1988. He was also a director of the CSC Clearing Association. He is a past president of the National Sugar Brokers Association, the same association to which his grandfather was a charter member.

Over the past 20 years the number of sugar brokers in the U.S. has declined from an estimated 300 to less than 100. With the decline in sugar brokerage business, Chip Dyer used his foresight and knowledge of the industry to add other food ingredients to the list of products for which the company offers brokerage services today. B.W Dyer & Co., LLC now represents over 100 different ingredient items with various warehouses and plants throughout the U.S.

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