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Chip Dyer

Chip Dyer

Growing up in the family sugar business, Chip was exposed to all facets of the industry from an early age. The valuable education he received with B.W. Dyer and Company ranged from hearing and sharing client interchange, witnessing negotiations and transactions and traveling.

Chip started working for Dyer as an office boy during his summer breaks from Ohio Wesleyan University. After graduating with an economics degree, he initially went into investment banking. Chip started working full time with Dyer in 1979.

Chip's grandfather, B.W. Dyer, who founded the company in 1903, would no longer recognize the business he started. Chip expanded the company focus from only sweeteners to an enterprise that today represents over 100 items. He continues to look to the future, all the time maintaining that the most important ingredient and commodity available are personal integrity and service.

Work experiences have included: President of the National Sugar Brokers Association, and member of the Board of Directors of both the Coffee Sugar and Cocoa Clearing Association and the Coffee Sugar and Cocoa Exchange, currently NYBOT.

Chip is an avid tennis player and a nationally recognized paddle tennis champion, a sport he loves almost as much as Dyer.

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